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This is a great place to visit and a even better place to take your camera. The dispays are well worth watching and photography is allowed. I can also recommend a half or full day photo experience. The staff are knowlegable and very helpful, ask and if its possible they will accommodate you. They also have a very good cafeteria.
Tawny eagle - Aquila rapaxOsprey -Pandion haliaetusAfrican fish eagle - Haliaeetus vociferAfrican fish eagle - Haliaeetus vociferLittle owl - Athene noctuaBlack shouldered kite - Elanus exillarisEgyptian vulture - Neophron pernoperus ginginianusBurrowing owl - Athene ciniculariaWahlberg's eagle - Hieraaetus wahlbergiPygmy falcon - Polyheirax semitorquatusGreat grey owl - Strix nebulosaAfrican fish eagle - Haliaeetus vociferBarn owl - Tyto albaBrahminy kite - Haliastur indusBarn owl - Tyto albaIndian eagle owl - Bubo bengalensisGrey eagle buzzard - Geranoaetus melanoleucasEgyptian vulture - Neophron pernoperus ginginianusKestrel - Falco tinnunculusSaker falcon - Falco cherrug

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