Great set of Skomer/Martin's Haven shots.
57.Brian Davis(non-registered)
Nice to meet you and your buddy !! today in the FOD. Some lovely shots on here. Keep up the good work.
55.Arthur Greenslade(non-registered)
Hi Adrian,

I found your card in my wallet and have finally caught up with your site, we met at Gilfach Farm getting some shots of the redstart and pied Flycatcher.
Cracking selection of shots here, hope all is well with you.

53.Richard Stokes(non-registered)
One of the best wildlife web sites I have visited. Great work, a pleasure to view.
52.Nigel Franklin(non-registered)
Great photos Taff (or should that be Adrian?), I've reverted from "Frankie" to Nigel...
Mick Sennett posted something on Facebook about your website!
Hi Ade. Some great shots here. Thanks for the link. Hope managed to catch up with the GGS.

49.Neil Hickman(non-registered)
Hi Adrian!
Just got back in Australia and have checked out your Kingfisher shots (with many others). I think I can pick out the Llanelli "crackers". I'll be back! Good to catch up. Next time I'm over we'll have to spend more time out.

Awesome images! You have now stirred me up to build a website. Mainly OZ birds but I also have a small "Welsh Folio" despite dropping my Canon prime lens last time I was over ($800 repair!).

The Ponty Boy from OZ!
48.Alun Thomas(non-registered)
Hi Adrian,
Just wanted to say I was the guy you met at WWT Llanelli this morning in the Observatory where we spent a good while looking/photographing the Spoonbill.
Thank you for your kindness.
I have spent a while looking through your portfolio of birds and wildlife and I must say I am very impressed.
All the best,
Super photography Adrian, i visited through the recommendation of Dennis Russ,
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